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    Please pay special attention to the “preferably naked” 😜

  3. lokisqueenbee:

    Well it may not be a hammer but it sure is magical 💚✨

    The moment Jane realized she fell for the wrong brother … 

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    It’s getting hot in here again, isn’t it?

    It’s getting very hot out here:P

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    Why did I imagine him making this face after slamming his hips against yours and hilting inside of you?


    lokiwholockfactory ‘cause we know what’s good in this life. loool

    but i still have to curse him, so, damn you, hiddleston

    I imagine this is the face he’d make as he struggles against the handcuffs 😉😜😈…no escape baby, no escape

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    Allow me to demonstrate 😉💕😋

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    That first gif that material is very see throughish….

    I don’t need a reason to reblog this *cough cough first gif* but…

    Always reblog The Shadow ‘Conda.

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    Hiddles ass. That is all

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    Yes, yes he does

  9. lokisqueenbee:

    Yes I believe it will

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    Form an orderly line please…right behind me 😜💕

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    Yip, fucked now

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    I wasn’t prepared….send help…

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    I need a really long shower

  14. lokisqueenbee:

    There are no losers with Tom in a wet tshirt

  15. smittentomkitten:

    Tom Hiddleston & me, High Rise set, 8/14/14.

    This is him trying to figure out where the camera on my phone is.  Right before he said “Where the hell is your camera on this thing?” Then I made a quip about being an overly organized librarian. Then he drolly snarked back. It was cool. :) 

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